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Posted by T. Jay Johnson Jr. on 9/24/2019

Lot 18 Royalston Rd, Phillipston, MA 01331



Land Type
Build your dream home and have plenty leftover. With an additional 1800 sq ft or variance by the town, this lot could be a buildable lot on its own. May also be purchased with MLS# 72523202. Both lots for $55,000. The combined properties meet necessary zoning requirements for a buildable lot. Call for more information.
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No scheduled Open Houses

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Posted by T. Jay Johnson Jr. on 9/20/2019

Home sellers sometimes struggle to stir up interest in their residences. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to help your residence capture buyers' attention, such as:

1. Craft an Engaging Home Listing

A home listing should engage and inform buyers. Otherwise, an ineffective listing may make it tough for a seller to effectively promote his or her residence to the right groups of buyers.

To craft an effective home listing, it is important to consider the buyer's perspective. Think about why you purchased your home in the first place, and you may be able to identify unique property features that you can highlight in your listing.

Also, ensure your home listing is clear, concise and easy to understand. You may want to incorporate high-resolution images of your home into your listing as well.

2. Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

As a home seller, it is crucial to upgrade your house's curb appeal. Because if your home makes a positive first impression on buyers, you could speed up the property selling journey.

To bolster your house's curb appeal, you should mow the lawn, trim the hedges and perform other lawn care tasks. You may want to repair or replace any cracked or damaged home siding, too.

For those who want extra help with home exterior upgrades, you can always hire local contractors. In fact, these professionals will streamline the process of upgrading your house's curb appeal.

3. Eliminate Clutter

If your home is loaded with a wide array of personal belongings, you may want to remove these items. That way, you can help buyers envision what life may be like if they purchase your house. You also can show off the full size of your residence during open house events and home showings.

Cutting down on clutter can be simple. If there are items you no longer need, you can donate them to a local charity, sell them at a yard sale or online or give them to family members or friends. Conversely, if there are items that are broken or damaged, you can safely dispose of them.

As you get set to promote your residence to buyers, it often helps to have an expert real estate agent at your disposal. A real estate agent understands the ins and outs of the property selling journey. Therefore, he or she can help you achieve your desired home selling results as quickly as possible.

If you are committed to getting the best price for your residence, for example, a real estate agent will help you do just that. Or, if you are unsure about how to price your home, a real estate agent is happy to provide pricing recommendations. Perhaps best of all, if you ever have questions during the home selling journey, a real estate agent can respond to them.

Want to generate interest in your home? Use the aforementioned tips, and you can boost the likelihood that your house will capture buyers' attention.

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Posted by T. Jay Johnson Jr. on 9/13/2019

You dream of warmer weather and the fun you can have in a pool. All types of pools can provide fun summer memories. City, community or backyard pools are places to cool off and play in the warm sunshine. Some of these pools have diving boards or water slides. More creative pools have separate areas for each ability levels to access the pool areas that may include splash pads or waterspouts. Today's pool designs are only limited by the imagination. Designing your dream backyard may consist of a custom designed pool. What would you include?

You can watch pool designer shows that can give you ideas for your dream pool. Pinterest is a wonderful resource to research exceptionally unique pool features. Depending on the area available to build the pool you can add all sorts of features to the pool design itself. Grottos are caves that can make pool time an adventure for mermaids and pirates alike. The layout can incorporate a war bar or seating area within the grotto. Waterfalls are a favorite feature and can help with water circulation and feed a fun waterslide if you desire. What designers call a beach walk in or zero walk-in entry to allow all ages and ability level entry into the water.

Pool accessories enable you to create an entertainment environment that everyone will want to hang out and play. Lounge chairs are standard, but you can add standing fans the spray light misting water to keep you cool. Large floats with cupholders are useful, but perhaps mounted water guns for that epic water battle are more your speed. There are plenty of options for games like water volleyball or basketball equipment made for use in the pool environment. Maybe hosting a movie night would be something you dream of doing. Large movie screen poolside and guests float in or lounge by the pool. A state-of-the-art sound system can complete any movie experience. 

Providing shady areas for refuge from the blazing sun come in all sorts creative and colorful styles. Cabanas for one or more are great for not only sun shade but for setting up a food and beverage area or a private changing-area for guests. Sun sails are beautiful options to not only add shade over a pool but create architectural interest. Finally, strategically placed umbrellas or awnings can make for excellent gathering places around the pool to enjoy.

Check with your realtor for information on homes with room to build your dream pool playground.

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Posted by T. Jay Johnson Jr. on 9/6/2019

This Multi-Family in Fitchburg, MA recently sold for $230,000. This style home was sold by T. Jay Johnson Jr. - RE/MAX Property Promotions.

12 Prescott Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420


Sale Price

Approx. GLA
Spacious 2 Family! Each Unit has 3 Bedrooms with 1,110+ Square Feet! Large 2 Car Garage with Attic Storage and Rebuilt Roof! Flat, Grassy, Partially Fenced in Yard with Oversized Storage Shed! Great Owner Occupied or Investment! Fir/Hardwood Floors on both levels under laminate and/or carpeting! Each unit has Washer/Dryer Hookups in the unit! Vinyl Siding and Replacement Windows! Separate Natural Gas Heat and Hot Water for each unit. Gas Water Tanks are rentals. Roof on house approx 12 years old. Newly Rebuilt Chimney 2019! New Deck/Stairs to 2nd Floor Newly built approx. 4 years ago. New Copper Water line to property from street 5 years ago. Nice units in Good Condition! Long Term Tenants paying below market Rents. Open House/Group Showings Saturday, June 8th 11 am to 12 pm AND Monday, June 10th 5 pm to 6 pm!

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Posted by T. Jay Johnson Jr. on 9/6/2019

A lot of people no longer cook with open fires in the world of today with natural gas, electricity, temperature controls, and other kitchen appliances. When you get a new oven for your kitchen with all the latest features and upgrades, there's not a lot you can't use it to do. Are you getting the best out of it though? Here are some tips to make sure that your new oven delivers the most utility to you:

Get rid of that new-oven smell.

New appliances come with that lovely smell that tells you that they are straight out of the production line. After removing all the packaging materials, wash the interior and racks to remove any substances that may remain from the factory like oils or manufacturing liquids. Open up your windows, turn up the oven to the highest temperature and let it run for about an hour. Let it cool down, clean it again. Repeat these steps once or twice more so that your food will not come out with a funny smell when you use your new oven.

Use the bottom drawer to warm food.

Most ovens come with a nice little drawer at the bottom. The drawer isn't a place to keep food while you are waiting to eat it. You should only use this drawer to warm food, not store your racks and baking pans. This warming drawer helps you to keep your food warm until it is ready for serving.

Rotate your cooking pans

After turning on your oven, the way the heat moves may be unpredictable sometimes. After preheating your oven and the heat starts to move around evenly, put your pans in for some time. Halfway through your cooking time, open the oven and turn the cooking pans around. And then swap the top pan with the bottom one if you are cooking with two pans at the same time. Rotating the pans helps to ensure that your food cooks evenly without getting overcooked on the bottom and under-cooked at the top.

Clean your oven regularly.

One way to know that your oven is due for cleaning is when you are unable to see the interior clearly through the glass. Not only does this mean that your oven is dirty, but it also prevents you from seeing how your food is cooking.

If you notice any irregular signs with your oven, contact an electrician for maintenance to get it back to optimal conditions.

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